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Want to own part of a soyabean chain stores without investing your own money?
If you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you.

Here’s an opportunity in N & B Snacks. Grow and manage a chain of snack stores. You can be a shareholder of the business.


Tell us about your experience. How you plan to grow the business.

Think for a moment…

  • I just want to build a modest business and live a carefree life.

  • I wish I can satisfy all my personal needs with no financial constraints.

  • I wish to give my children more opportunities for development.

  • I have been wanting to be an entrepreneur. But I have been procrastinating because I am locked in my "comfort zone".

  • I am tired of the 8-hour job with a limited income. I want to work hard to achieve financial freedom.

What It Takes

  • Business skills and drive.

  • Prepared to work hard and have fun.

Take the plunge!

Tell us about how you would like to have FINANCIAL FREEDOM, how you would leave your comfort zone.

We will share with you:

  • the know-how.
  • the operation system.

Act now, click HERE

Email: nnbsnacks1997@gmail.com

Tell us about your experience.

You are welcome to visit any of our stores before you apply. All stores open 0630-2300 daily, 7 days a week

Hougang Outlet:

21, Hougang Street 51, #01-01, Hougang Green Mall, Singapore 538719

Potong Pasir Outlet:

Blk 148, Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-31, Singapore 350148

Serangoon Central Drive Outlet:

Blk 253, Serangoon Central Drive, #01-229, Singapore 550253
No money? Not a problem. You don’t have to invest your own money. You’ll get a share in the business you help expand.

Ordering your foods in large quantities

    1. Please order at least 2 days in advance.
    2. Self collection only.
    3. Payment on confirmation of order. 


    •   6284 6323 -  148, Potong Pasir Ave 1 #01-31
    •   6343 0895 -  253, Serangoon Central Drive #01-229
    •   6385 5011 -  21, Hougang St 51, Hougang Green Shopping Centre #01-01

Email: nnbsnacks1997@gmail.com

We mill, we brew, we bake, ALL DAY, to serve you the freshest.
我们现磨、现煮、现烘,给您最新鲜的! $ Number of pieces ordered
Soyabean Products

Hot Soya Milk --热豆浆

2 480-ML Large Chilled Soya Milk --480ML 大杯冷藏豆浆 2.70
3 Bottled Soya Milk --瓶庄豆浆 2.90
3A 5-litre tub Soya Milk-- 5 公升豆浆(一桶)=15 杯 27.00
3B 18-litre tub Soya Milk -- 18 公升豆浆(一桶)=54 杯 85.00
4 480ML Soya Curd --480ML 豆花 2.20
4A 24- litre tub--24公升豆花 (一桶)=60 碗 98.00
5 Peanut Dumplings in Soya Milk & Curd
("3-in-1") 花生白芝麻湯圓加豆花豆浆 (三合一) 
6 Fresh Baked US Almond 100g --现烤美国杏仁 4.20
7 Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Pack-- 鸡蛋馅 3.20
8 Tuna with Onion Sandwich Pack-- 金枪鱼馅 3.20
9 Roast Chicken in Mayonnaise Sandwich Pack --烤鸡肉馅 3.20
Baked Pastries
10 Croissant --法國可頌 2.40
10A Croissant + Almond & Raisin -- 法國可頌 + 杏仁片 + 葡萄干 3.20
11 Diced Chicken Pie (Hong Kong) -- 香港鸡丁派 3.20
12 Curry Chicken Puff -- 咖厘泡 3.20

** Nuts baked fresh in shop with no added sugar or salt.




N & B Products

Gift of Nature
Soyabean (Glycine max) is a high-protein legume (family Fabaceae).

Soyabean is considered a source of complete protein, i.e., protein that contains significant amounts of all the essential amino acids the human body needs.

No Ordinary Treat

For schools, offices, banquets, picnics, family gatherings, open house, business launch... Your guests will praise you for offering them something different from the run-of-the-mill fare.

Everyday Snacks Made Differently

Enjoy fresh baked premium French pastries with the soyamilk in N & B stores. We are open 0600-2300 daily, 7 days a week.

For the crunchy, we have the unique fibre-rich almond, freshly roasted, NOT fried, with no salt-, no sugar-coating.

Just in Time for the Party

You specify the time you want to pick up your orders and we will have them ready for you, just in time.

Fresh-brewed Soyamilk

All N & B soya milk and silken tofu are made within each outlet, in small batches, to ensure freshness, all day.

They are served warm or chilled, plain or sweetened for a delightful snack.


The Story of Tofu

Traditional tofu was first created in China at around 200 B.C. Legend has it that an imperial cook of the Han Dynasty tried adding some brine to flavour a batch of purée made from cooked soyabeans. It produced the cheese-like silken curd that we know today as tofu.

The art of making silken tofu and soy milk has since been enriched by the Japanese and other world communities. Today, soya milk and silken tofu are increasingly being enjoyed by people of many nations throughout the world who appreciate the many benefits of soyabeans.

Tofu has always been considered one of the healthiest foods. The plant protein of tofu and soya milk provides a nutritious alternative to meat-based foods, offering direct health benefits.

The nutritious delicacies of soyabeans are made fresh daily in N & B Snacks.


Natural and inexpensive, soya snacks balance the daily diet of animal products. Soya milk and curd or silken tofu are ideal for weight control. Soyabean is low in fats and cholesterol free. You can have the silken tofu and soya milk for breakfast, light meals or supper, indeed, anytime of the day.

Stay Young

Soyabeans help prevent premature ageing. They are a source of vitamin B and iron.

Nutrients in 250 ml of plain soyamilk:

Calories (gm) 140   Protein (gm) 10
Fat (gm) 4   Carbohydrate (gm) 14
Sodium (mg) 120   Iron (mg) 1.8
Riboflavin (mg) 0.1   Calcium (mg) 80

Business Opportunities for Goods and Service Providers

N & B Snacks welcomes the support of various trades. If you are engaged in any of the trades listed below and wish to contact us, click HERE

  • Delivery and Transportation
  • IT experts with great ideas
  • Property Agents with good shop space to sell or rent
  • Interior designers
  • Renovation Contractors

Make your
 first million,
 your own


Tell us your
capabilities &
job experience.

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